Black History Month Superhero Spotlight – The [Original] Black Ranger

I aspired to be this guy

I aspired to be this guy

Remember him? Zack Taylor was apart of the original “team of teenagers with attitude” and without a doubt was one of my favorite characters growing up (although having the Black guy be the black ranger and the Asian woman be the yellow ranger was pretty messed up, in retrospect).  He was the ORIGINAL Black Ranger in the first season and the first half of the 2nd season.  Chosen by Zordon (The big face in the tube) to use the Dino Power of the Mastodon for being “clever and brave,” Zack definitely held his own against his Caucasian counterparts, even earning the spot of 2nd in command…you know…until Tommy showed up and took over.

In this episode I just knew Zack was going to beat the breaks off of Billy

So what made Zack so significant amongst the 20 seasons worth of what I estimate to be over 100 Power Rangers (Yes, we are indeed old)? Two words: Hip-Hop Kido. Sure I haven’t watched Power Rangers since the Lost Galaxy but I’m fairly sure there has never been another ranger who combined elements of hip-hop dancing and martial arts. His fighting style was completely one of a kind and it’s uniqueness was hands down made young Black males of my era want to be like him.

Tell me you didn’t try this a few times while watching MMPR and I’ll call you a bold faced liar

*Fun Fact* The guy who played Zack, Walter Emanuel Jones, was missing the middle finger on his left hand.  The show never brought attention to this detail, but if you look carefully in the footage you’ll see its true. 20 years later and you’re still learning new things.